There are some very exciting things tucked behind the facade of this smart townhouse on Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London…

Revered architect Sir John Soane (1753-1837) was a man who knew about displaying collections. He built his impressive townhouse as both a home and a museum so that, upon his death, his vast array of  antiquities and art could be accessed, gratis, by architecture students and Joe public alike. And it is spectacular – where else can you see an Egyptian sarcophagus and Hogarth’s A Rake’s Progress under one roof?

Can you imagine being Mrs Soane? ‘Yes dear, that plaster cast of a Greek column is thrilling, almost as thrilling as the other 480…’ But, she had rooms to play in, too, such as the exquisite drawing room in Turner’s yellow,

Martin Charles

and the breakfast room, with fabulous dinky convex mirrors (it seems ‘bouncing light around’ is not a Livingetc invention after all).

Sir John Soane – passionate collector, stylish hoarder and certainly comparable to those 21st century eclectic movers and shakers.

ps. Livingetc loves this wordy explanation, carefully executed in stained glass…

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