Everyone loves a bit of Scandi style. Even people (like me) who were born there. I was reminded of the universal appeal of what my countrymen just take for granted on my recent summer sojourn. Keen to check out all the hot places since I was last home, I was very inspired by the brilliant blue and luminous yellow in the rooms at Hotel Skeppsholmen – which is as modern as Scandi style can be while staying firmly rooted in tradition. Apparently, they were inspired by the colour of the sea outside the hotel window reflecting the late-summer sun, the blonde hair and blue eyes of the locals and the hues of the Swedish flag.

And check out the dash of colour added by the hand-made Dala horse on top of the Vass sideboard.

Billowy curtains? Check. Simple pared back furnishings. Tick. Bleached, original floorboards, you bet. But it takes some serious style panache to put a twig on the wall and make it look as good as this. The furniture and interiors were created byClaesson Koivisto Rune, maybe Sweden’s most internationally known design trio, who have combined the old and the new to great effect.

While the interiors work their modern magic, the building itself is a couple of centuries old at least, having served as a military barracks, almshouse and even plague colony….

… although today’s staff looks reassuringly healthy.

If you are visiting my gorgeous birth town anytime soon, and want a style injection in a lush setting, check it out. You’ll love it.

Sara – managing editor