What’s our second favourite topic of conversation after sofas? (Wallpaper, and wardrobes, and bedlinen, and Jonathan Adler figurines…)


So when I heard about an entire show dedicated to those with a footwear fetish, I had to get myself a ticket. Shoes, the high kicking soft shoe shuffling song and dance revue is on at Sadlers Wells all week.

Step, ball change, kick…

It’s more of a high heels kind of show than a flip flop – a song and dance revue that celebrates everything from platforms to Louboutins. Written by the guy who raised heckles of the religious right with Jerry Springer: The Opera, in this colourful extravaganza the only people likely to take offence are Croc wearers.

With over 250 pairs of dancing stilletoes, platforms and Birkenstocks, it’s on at Sadlers Wells till Saturday, but they’ve promised a nationwide tour, so catch it if you can. Just don’t wear your trainers. That’s shoe business. (And enough bad shoe puns, Ed)       Mary Weaver – Houses editor