Think National Trust property and chances are your mind will instantly think of some fading country pile that does a great cream tea (with free parking for members). Not somewhere like The Homewood, in leafy Surrey.

It was designed by architect Patrick Gwynne in the 1930s, who was given a generous commission to build a family home for his parents while still only 24 (thanks, guys!).

Loving the simplicity of the decor – just goes to show all you need are a few key design pieces and some quality sprung flooring (the dance parties here were legendary)

The Homewood is built on stilts, with the lower levels intended for parking – an essential requirement in the go-faster 30s. Architecture aficonados should note that it’s perhaps the finest  UK example of Corbusian domestic architecture of the period (okay, I got that from the guidebook). Everyone else, feel free to simply drool.

The fact that the corkscrew stairwell could have been built yesterday just goes to prove that simple, clean lines never go out of date.

Interesting use of mixed wood veneers in the lounge…

Just a bit more interiors porn that shouldn’t ignite your firewall…

It’s hugely popular so its essential to book and take a guided tour. Well worth a visit. The only downside? They don’t do a cream tea…  Neil, Dep ed