Time was when you could tell what type of restaurant you were eating in from the decor. Curry houses had sparkly paintings of deities and jangly music, French restaurants posh waiters and potted palmtrees while the Italians were rammed with checked tablecloths and dripping candles in winebottles.

Not any more. Not only has these newly opened restaurants fully embraced the modern industrial look, with exposed bricks, wooden chairs and rustic pendant lights, they hail from three different culinary traditions. I’ll give you a clue: one is British, one Venetian and another is Indian….

Scroll down to see which is which!

Did you guess? So number 1 is the modern Indian Dishoom in Covent Garden, a great, vibrant new place; number 2 is the Venetian Polpetto in Soho, which is a real gem; and number 3 serves a gorgeous British version of Surf n Turf at Redhook, in increasingly-trendy Clerkenwell.

Wonder which style will be next on the ever-changing London restaurant scene? Maybe Kool Country, like in our upcoming November issue? Watch this space…

Sara – managing editor