The design press corps was out in force yesterday morning for the preview of what the V&A has to offer during the nine-day design bonanza. And now you can be in the know too!

My favourite installation was Stuart Haygarth‘s Framed installation, on the right up a marble staircase as you come in from the Cromwell Road entrance. Haygarth is a master of using unusual materials and items to create art – you might remember his chandelier made from party-popper cases collected on the streets of London after the Millennium celebrations.

Photos by Susan Smart

In my mind, the greatness of Haygarth’s work is not that he uses recycled materials, but that they become a by-product to the beauty of the piece – it looks like they were created to accommodate the piece, rather than the other way round.

At the V&A, Haygarth collaborated with framers extraordinaire John Jones – read tips from their MD on how best to  hang and frame your art in the October issue of Livingetc, which is out now.

There are plenty other things to see at the V&A, including inflated stainless-steel tubes in the Madejski garden by Oskar Zieta, and a lovers seat in plaster in the Cast Court by the delectable Max Lamb, so get yourselves down there before 26 September.

– Sara, managing editor