This blog has no doubt piqued our readers’ interest into the creative and brilliant imaginative processes that cartwheel through the minds of the Livingetc team. Unfortunately the reality is far more prosaic. Take the following as an example of the lumbering and fortuitous way in which our inspiration ‘strikes’:

Last night, whilst running late for a pub-based rendezvous, I rushed past the new concept store Darkroom on Lambs Conduit Street. Glancing in I briefly caught sight of some fetching geometric prints, so this morning (not hung over I might add – we’re professional around here) I looked up their website to find out more. The geometric designs I learnt were by artist turned fashion designer David Saunders of daviddavid:

“Exciting stuff!” I thought. Wanting to see further examples a quick Google threw up more eye-popping designs, some of which were featured on a great blog called Man Make Home. It’s a charming mixture of the sublime, and quite frankly, the absurd. After a thorough rifling back through its pages, I stumbled upon these ‘artworks’ by French duo Ma + Chr (perhaps one supplies the eyes, the other supplies the animal?), and they put me in a very very good mood:

And so, refreshed and with my creative juices revitalised, I am again ready to resume laying out the beautiful pages of Livingetc. And now you know what really inspires us. Worrying, isn’t it? Damien Breen, senior designer