After a visit to the Finnish pop-up restaurant HelYes, I have a hankering for all things autumnal and foresty. The Finns are masters at combining nature with magic, making a simple stroll among the trees into a walk on the wild side, with trolls and ogres hiding in the bushes.

This is the seating area of the bar at HelYes, where the canopies and cushions are created by Klaus Haapaniemi, the artist behind Iittala’s popular Taika pattern. Apart from being soft and snuggable, the throws are also teeming with mythical creatures straight out of the deep Finnish woods – combine with a wooden sidetable and you might as well be at home with the Moomins.

The food was plentiful and rustic, most of it sourced locally in London – and there’s just something reassuringly earthy about autumn vegetables displayed in wooden crates.

I also really liked the groupings of glass candlesticks on the tables – these were also from Iittala, but any glass ones will do as long as you have plenty of them. After all, there’s nothing like a flickering candle or five when you return home after a long walk where the wild things are…

Sara – managing editor