Recycled homeware isn’t just about chairs made from plastic bottles, you know. The evidence? Check out  the latest exhibition at the Royal College of Art which follows a project that tasked engineering design students with devising concepts for domestic products, on a theme of sustainability. The  best 13 products are being prototyped by Italian firm Guzzini, and the results are now on public view.

This coathanger is made from a simple plastic ring that groups together foraged sticks.

Bathroom mat, implanted with soil and grass seeds. Shake yourself dry after showering and droplets from your body feed the grass..

From top, left to right: a chopstick stand; a pet carrier; a drip feed watering system; adjustable vases made from plant-based plastic; a suction cup LED vase; a garden tools.

Every one of the 13 design concepts can be produced using existing industrial processes, then recycled again at the end of their lives.

Visions of the Future: Bin to Bin is on at the Royal College of Art until October 7.