I shop online quite a bit and it’s great, but what’s missing for me is the mooch factor – that feeling of pottering around an interesting store. So I was very happy when I discovered Denise and Samantha Allan’s joy-to-navigate website, theshopfloorproject.com. It invites you into a higgledy-piggledy house to roam through rooms and past cabinets filled with work by designers and artists from around the world – to buy or just have a nosy and find inspiration (from the stylish setting as well as the products). Wander through wallpaper, ceramics and kitchen linens to jewellery, scarves and bags.

I also enjoy a little trip to the creative duo’s latest venture, thesecretarcade.com, which has lots of interesting shops under one virtual arched roof, from Molly-Meg to Blue Bell Gray.

Sarah Alcroft – chief sub-editor