And so to Regent’s Park for the opening night of the annual art fest that is Frieze. These neon beauties caught our eye, distracting us for a moment at least from the directional garb of the arterati and the glitz, glamour and botox of the international art-buying crowd…

If only Maybelline made lipstick this striking…it’s by the American artist Elaine Sturtevant (above) who’s apparently known for her pastiches of other conceptual artists work… Like Warhol perhaps?

Tracey Emin‘s illuminating graffiti.

Jonathan Horowitz‘s Neon Cross for Two (2007)

Ok, so this wasn’t strictly at Frieze, but was also spied last night, behind the bar at the preview of the Kate Spade pop-up store, No.7 Henrietta Street in Covent Garden.

Bethan, news editor