Still chuckling about Damien’s post about the inspired Unhappy Hipsters site? Well, we’ve just come across another mick-taking design blog that’s great for idling away those spare hours (not that we have any of those, Boss, honest). Catalog Living is home to fictional householders Gary and Elaine, and cocks a tongue-in-cheek snook at all those pretentiously styled yet unconsciously cheesy catalogue photos we all ogle and wonder Why?  Here are a few of their genius offerings…

‘On a cold winter night, nothing pleases Gary and Elaine more than snuggling up in their comfy metal chairs and tossing around the decorative polyhedron.’

‘Sometimes the kids need to know that Gary and I think they’ve put on a little weight.’

‘As if the pile of leaves in front of Gary and Elaine’s door weren’t enough, the haphazardly placed welcome sign removed any doubt that no one, in fact, was welcome.’

‘Of course it’s an easy job to stand the pears up on the board, but the sooner I get it right the sooner Elaine gives me something else to do.’

‘With Elaine out of town, Gary couldn’t even enjoy his favorite dinner of brie and tree branch.’

Not like anything you’d ever see in Livingetc, natch. Neil, Dep Ed

Click here for more of their gems…