Kristen Ellis is a twenty-two year old freelance interior designer living in Seattle, and she knows all about small-space living…

‘I live in a 125 sq ft apartment in a block built in 1907 to provide temporary accommodation to fisherman. The building has a rooftop balcony from where you can see the Puget Sound and Mount Rainer.’

‘Upon entering, you might ask yourself, “How does anyone live in such a little space without going crazy, developing claustrophobic tendencies, or store anything for that matter?”‘

‘But I think of my apartment like my wardrobe. Each and every item I choose for my little piece of heaven has been thoroughly thought through. Though I would love to purchase that gorgeous chaise-lounge from the local antique shop and put it in my window, I don’t. I ask myself, “is this functional?  What can I use it for?”‘

‘I bought the antique trunk at a local second-hand shop and painted it white. It holds all my blankets, books, sheets, pillows, memorabilia and winter coats. My silverware is placed in an old porcelain jar and my dishes are displayed on the bookcase I designed and made myself. Pots and pans are strategically placed on my walls on antique hooks and a magnetic strip holds my cooking utensils. I built shelves over the kitchen to display the TV and all my glasses.’

‘My inspiration for my home was to challenge myself not to use colour, but to never the less create a vibrant and timeless finish. Though white is often referred to as cold, my ultimate goal was to bring warmth to my small space.’

‘Now, in the dark winters of Seattle gloominess, I wake up in the mornings with a sense of lightness.’