The creator of seriously wonderful and humorously surreal ceramics, Ben Murdock on the joys of artistic freedom, trivia and teleportation.

Describe your studio/workspace. It’s very tidy, I always clean it down the end of every night, otherwise it is cosy, I share with fellow ceramist Cosima Sempill. We’re based in communal studio in the Leith area of Edinburgh.

What’s on your desk right now? At the start of everyday usually nothing! I like to be able to come into an empty workspace, take out what I need and start working straight away.

Before you begin a new design, you must… Sketch it and evaluate it. I also like to practice new making processes before completing any work that may be seen by the outside world.

Who inspires your work? Joseph Cornell, Jasper Johns, Adrian Saxe and miscellaneous antique objects.

You know a design is a success when… All the girls in the studio want it.

The thing about being an independent designer/maker is… It gives me fantastic freedom and happiness. I love being to create things by hand, right from the initial concept to seeing the finished product.

What’s your favourite piece of design? At the moment it’s any work by Craig Clifford.

Aside from product design, I am pretty good at… Squash and ridiculous trivia.

What music do you listen to while you design? Dependant on the mood in the studio it ranges from the sedate to the more upbeat. I listen to different radio stations and AC/DC on loop.

In another life, you would be… Me.

What other designer/makers should we look out for? The work of Rebecca Wilson, Craig Mitchell, Cosima Sempill and Andrea Walsh.

Describe the perfect weekend. With my fiancé, friends and family having good food and fun.

Any claims to fame? Christopher Biggins once bought a piece of work from me.

What invention would change your life? A teleporter. It would be wonderful. Or an eighth day in the week.

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