Last night, Livingetc was lucky enough to be invited along to the opening party of the Brit Insurance Design Awards 2011 at the Design Museum. After wine and speeches, Mo Bruce, Hannah Franklin and Damien Breen got a preview of the exhibition. Below is their pick of the nominees:

1. Gareth Pugh spring/summer ’11 This modern armour dress is just one glorious, shiny taste of a collection that positions Mr Pugh in the genius bracket. It’s easy to be bonkers in fashion, but bonkers and brilliant? Not so much. (MB) 2. Martino Gamper’s Vigna chair for Magis is sweet as daisy. Simple. (HF) 3. The Apple iPad is perhaps an obvious choice considering all the hype, but the fact that so many other short-listed entries were applications designed for it highlights its influence. One of those chosen apps, The Guardian’s Eyewitness, showcased the quality of the iPad’s display with stunning photography, and a delightfully simple navigation system (DB). 4. For anyone who doesn’t have an advanced degree in engineering the Dyson Air Multiplier clearly works by magic. Its simple elegant curves belie some seriously clever design. 5. Living Divani’s Drop table looks almost exactly like a massive magnifying lens on legs. Spectacular. (MB)  6. The Wallpaper* DIY cover issue is another simple concept, made possible through innovations in interactive and printing processes, and executed to a very high standard. (DB) 7. Breaking down the concept of what is ‘furniture’ and celebrating the power of the line is Nendo’s Think Black Lines series. (MB) 8. Uniqlo’s J+ autumn/winter ’10 collectionPersonally, I’d be lost without Uniqlo – the Japanese brand excels in producing simple, stylish and most importantly, affordable clothing. The collaborations with Jil Sander prove that good design can indeed be within reach of the masses. (DB)

Category winners will be announced on 28 February, and the overall winner on 15 March.