The latest Anthropologie brochure has just hit Livingetc offices and it does not disappoint. Our favourite section is entitled ‘Bounty’, which conjures all kinds of treasure-themed notions, but we love the oil painting references in the styling and photography. See what we mean?

1. Still Life with Letter to Mr Lask, 1879, William Michael Harnett; Breadfruit bag, £158. 2. Apples and Moroccan Vase, Félix Edouard Vallotton (1865-1925); Tacked Vines T-strap sandals, £138. 3. Still Life on a Marble-topped Table, William Mason Brown (1828-1898); Flights and Fancy plates and bowls, from £8. 4. Still life: Dessert 1923, James Paterson; Palisadoes Hobo bag, £448.

All prints are available from Easy Art.

Jennifer, style assistant