This retro-fabulous home just south of Amsterdam is owned by Kay Loves Vintage, and you can tell she does…

Kay, what do you love most about vintage? Its simplicity and modesty. Danish pieces from the Fifties in particular are so beautiful.

Where do tend to find your treasures? If you have lots of money you can buy everything you like from vintage dealers and auctions. But for myself and my fellow collecting husband, the hunt for new treasures is a very important part of the hobby. So we always look for bargains, and by that we mean way below the market price. The best places for this type of hunt are car-boot sales, flea markets and charity shops. A couple of years it was much easier to find good things but nowadays with vintage being trendy more and more people know what they are selling and what it is worth.

Share a secret shop address, pretty please? When we go to on holiday to England we always visit Etcetera in Margate to look for some british vintage design. In Denmark we know a beautiful little market at the Villingebaekvej in Hornbæk. It’s a little shed next to a private house but they sell the most beautiful Scandinavian ceramics.

What has been your best-ever find? It depends how you define best-ever. When you take the price we paid for it into account I think our best-ever find will be the big red vintage Krenit bowl we bought on a flea market in Canterbury for 50p. Krenit bowls are enamelled steel bowls designed by Danish architect Herbert Krenchel in 1955. If you check the market value on internet you will realise what a super bargain that was! If you consider rarity I think our best find is a little sewing box designed in 1950 by J. Teders for UMS Pastoe.

You’ve also got an Etsy shop, how do you decide what you can part with? We live in a rather small house so we have the same problem every collector has and that is space. The top floor, the basement and the shed are fully loaded with boxes full of collected items already. So a long time ago we decided on a golden rule – for every piece that comes in something else has to go. The furniture we have to part with is sold on a local website. Because Etsy has a worldwide audience we sell the smaller items there. Things we don’t like anymore we bring to the charity shop. We only sell on Etsy what we still adore but have to part with.

Do you have a favourite all-time design and why? Tricky, there are so many! We’re still on the hunt for a vintage CH28 chair by Hans J. Wegner. We like the Spanish lamps from Fase Madrid very much and I am very keen on the Lotus design from Catherine Holm (designed by Grete Prytz Kittelsen).

How would you spend your perfect weekend? Having a late brunch with Sunday papers and afterwards going for a coastal drive looking for Art Deco houses.

What music do you like? At the moment it is Kitty, Daisy & Lewis. I also like the 60s music of the Westcoast (of America). I recently got a 4cd collection with original songs.

Where’s your favourite holiday destination? I spend most of my holidays in the UK. I love the Kent coast, especially Whitstable. I also like to spend time in Fife in Scotland (places like Crail and Anstruther). But I would not say no to a city trip to Copenhagen.

Which other blogs do you love? Desire to Inspire and Design Attractor. I do tend to like Scandinavian bloggers. Because of the long winters they spend a lot of time in their homes. So they spend a lot of time decorating!