While all the established movers and shakers head out the the main Salone del Mobile exhibition centre, it’s the complementary activity around Via Tortona, and in particular the Superstudio, which attracts a younger, more experimental crowd and has a much funkier vibe. In fact, checking out Superstudio is more like wandering around a museum of fun and unexpected curiousities than traipsing from exhibition to stand to exhibtion stand. The fact it’s housed in an aptly monikered ‘Temporary Museum for New Design’ merely adds to the Pop-Up vibe.

This year, Superstudio and its offshoot, Innovation – Imagination, comprised over 50 exhibitors, ranging from the innovative to the quirky, the experimental to the practical. Highlights included…

Floor to Heaven

Traditional patterns, shapes and production techniques are still inspiring modern designers to reinvent, revisit and reinterpret. Last year’s Eastern European folkloric thing moves into a new dimension that’s equally striking. This season, let’s call it, I dunno, Ethnic Funk. There was a lot of it about. One favourite was the floor couture by German carpet maestros at Floor to Heaven where a 21st-century bright palette breathed new life into ancient Moorish patterns.


Quirky Seletti‘s tongue-in-cheek take on everyday essentials brought a smile to everyone who dropped by. Love the cheeky neon flash on Jonah’s fin.


Multi-functionality, eco living and a new trend for things not quite being what they seemed all came together in Canadian design company Molo‘s ingenius flexible building systems, comprising room dividers and seating units made of strong meshed paper, which fold flat when not in use and have myriad uses. Ideal for either cosifying a vast warehouse, or maximising space in a shoebox.


Stumped for ways to recycle a humble egg box? Victor Vittorlin isn’t, introducing this new Trash Me desk lamp at &Tradition.