Luckily for us, monumental public artworks are so part of the urban landscape that it’s easy to forget that each one of those big, gracious hunks had to be made. All that metal had to be bent, riveted and painted. But who does that, who builds sculptures? If you were an artist in America, pre 1966, looking to create a very large sculpture in metal, say, you had to employ heavy industry technicians to realise your vision – not the ideal meeting of minds, perhaps. That changed, though, with the opening of Lippincott Inc, an all-in-one sculpture production centre which operated until 1994 making sculptures by almost 100 artists, including Robert Indiana’s Love (nice double denim, Robert). Fortunately, Lippincott’s founders kept a detailed photographic record, which we find in Large Scale, unfolding the process from factory floor to pavement or park.