The Traverso family are a family of photographers. Four generations have gone to the Cannes Film Festival (every year since it began) and enjoyed some of the best access to the world’s most iconic stars. In Cannes Cinema: A Visual History of the World’s Greatest Film Festival we see their work in chronological order, as the festival grows from small, local event in the Forties to today’s big business bash.

The early sections of the book particularly capture that intimacy, showing the famous faces in their hotel rooms, relaxing on the beach or posing on private yachts. While Henri Traverso enjoyed cocktails in Grace Kelly’s hotel room, Gilles Traverso is still one of only eight photographers allowed on the red carpet today ensuring that the extensive Traverso family archive, which already contains over 170,000 negatives, continues to grow.

Somehow though, the later images pale in comparison to the golden age of Cannes. Mind you, what hope does Quentin Tarantino have against Brigitte Bardot?