From tomorrow until 29 May, Rise Art will be taking over the exhibition space at Luna & Curious, where Rise Art Select Artist Dai Roberts (top, buy it here) will create a room installation that will transform his modernist-inspired screen prints into a spatial experience, allowing the viewer to ‘wander’ inside his artistic universe. Well, that sounds rather wonderful to us. In addition, Rise Art will also showcase limited-edition prints by artists Pedro Guimaraes (middle) and Ting-Ting Cheng (bottom), two photographers chosen by Rise Art’s board of curators as Select Artists with a fascinating take on travel and still-life photography.

And if it’s true that everyone’s a critic, this is the time to prove it – Rise Art will be giving away a £100 gift voucher to the visitor that can write the best micro-review on Dai’s UNIT installation which, along other contributions, will be published and shared on the site.