Every year, more than 200 artists in south east London open their homes and studios to the public. We popped over, armed with coffee, a map and some pocket money to check out what Dulwich had to offer. We came back suitably inspired, so we thought we’d share a few that caught our beady eyes…

 Joseph Scissorhands specialises in paper and disposable ephemera which have been reclaimed and re-ordered to create unique artwork.

 Sixninethree are three designer-makers producing beautifully made contemporary furniture, mostly made from solid wood.

 Sally Nencini makes a variety of textiles and toys but her upholstered furniture really caught our eye. Sally’s husband, Peter (what a talented family) designs the intricate embroidery and while she creates the pieces.

 Julia McKenzie’s work is primarily drawing-based which is then layered up with paper, and collage. Her inspiration comes from lost and forgotten things, man made or natural that she can hold in her hand.

 Bainbridge Studios and Gallery is a collective of contemporary artists also offering studio space and screen printing courses. Just one of the many artists there was Lee Borthwick who’s work explores the boundaries of where architecture and nature meet.