With its sensuously curved roof and gorgeous larch-clad exterior, we already knew the outside of the Olympic Velodrome was a thing of beauty – and now that they’ve opened the doors with the Track Cycling World Cup, an Olympics test event, we can safely say it’s just as lovely on the inside.

Kept at a beautifully balmy 28 degrees (the optimum temperature for cycle speed apparently), it’s a mix of sleek concrete and industrial light fittings, with the 250m track made of super-bendy yet strong Siberian pine (and 350,000 nails) that’s been acclimatising in the venue for months. Livingetc also loved the 360 degree window between the first and second tiers allowing uninterrupted views across the busy building site that is the Olympic Park. It’s almost enough to make us get on our bike and don a lycra onesie. Almost.