It goes without saying that here at Livingetc we’ve a passion for all things furniture related, and it’s no secret that as soon as the clock chimes 3 (okay, sometimes before) we’re more than partial to a spot of tea and cake too. So we couldn’t believe our eyes when we chanced upon these marvellous miniatures on Moco Loco, all golden brown and baked to perfection. Created by designers Ryosuke Fukusada and Rui Pereira, the concept was born “of a reflection about the velocity of the contemporary furniture industry, and how consumers are unable to digest the large number of new products companies launch into the market every year.”  The idea with these small wonders is that you can bake an edible living room, decorate your furniture cakes with your favourite icing and toppings, then just eat them all up and start again. Amazing! If only you could do that with a regular sideboard. We can’t wait for the kettle to boil.