Brighton, been there. Margate, over it. You want the hippest place on the coast? Head for Hastings Old Town. There’s the Jerwood and various retro shops on the High Street, but the best find of all has to be Hendy’s Home Store.


With years as a food writer, photographer and stylist behind him, proprietor Alistair Hendy’s avid collectors eye has finally found a home in a restored Georgian house that’s like stepping back in time.


With the feel of a colonial general store, expect to find enamel washbowls, reclaimed copper baths, bolts of linen and the kind of household essentials you never knew you needed (spout brush, anyone?)

Everything is beautifully styled, from the dresser load of Beryl ware by the front door, to the mantel groupings of Sulphuric Acid bottles.


While the bare floorboards, stripped plaster walls, bakerlite light switches and ‘Homestore brown’ paint look 100% original, it’s hard to believe less than a year ago the space was home to a 1970s bistro.

Lord only knows how much Nitromors was needed to vintagise the whole place but it was well worth it.

There’s an ooh and an aah around every corner.

A.G. Hendy & Co. Home Store, 36 High Street, Hastings Old Town, TN34 3ER. (NB site still in development so bookmark for later!)