I love Dolce & Gabbana, so their first ever couture collection, which recently debuted in Sicily was something of a treat. Though there were many amazing and intricate gowns, oh how I lusted after this lovely frock with it’s delicate hand painted blooms. See this and some of the rest of the collection here.

Then, while browsing other generally wonderful stuff over at AnOther, I came across this beauteousness.  Flowers! In ice cubes! How pretty are they? This would be just the thing to sip while wearing the dream dress.

So maybe D&G couture is a bit out of my league budget wise, but if I make the ice cubes (essentially free) I could still sip the drink while admiring this beautiful, breezy curtain by our friends over at Bluebellgray.  A decidedly more affordable option.

Claudia, Features Editor