As the team behind Livingetc, the UK’s leading magazine for modern interiors, we’re always out and about, scouting for inspiration. And when we see something that makes our design minds flutter with joy, we’ll share it with you here.

Mo Bruce

Position on mag Acting news and travel editor
Signature style Late-Eighties yuppie on a bender.
Specialist subject Art, design and fashion that is strict, straight, spotty or stripy (ideally in black and white).
Secret skill Being able to pluck amazing things from charity shops where most people only find things with egg on.
Favourite quote ‘If you really want to do something, don’t wait to be asked. Don’t seek permission. Don’t put off until you’ve passed the right exams, or saved up enough money. Be prepared to risk complete failure. Whatever it is, start now, today. Tomorrow is too late,’ KLF genius Bill Drummond. This goes some way to explaining my credit card bill.
If you were a in item of homeware you would be… Black pompom trim from Designers Guild – for all it’s frivolity, your curtains wouldn’t be the same without it.
Secret design crush Harriet Paterson. Despite her ongoing love affair with vintage linen, Harriet’s shoots make me very proud to be a Livingetc person.

Neil Mclennan

Position on mag Deputy editor
Signature style Classic with a twist (of lime).
Specialist subject Stuff I ate on my holidays.
Secret skill Elephantine memory for useless facts.
Favourite quote Can’t top William Morris – ‘Never have anything in the house you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’. Which doesn’t account for the Alessi lemon squeezer gathering dust on my worktop…
If you were a in item of homeware you would be… A Sub Zero fridge. Reliable, sophisticated, and effortlessly cool.
Secret design crush Currently hankering after an Abigail Aherne convex mirror.

Sara Norrman

Position on mag Managing editor
Signature style At best, effortlessly stylish. At worst, effortless.
Specialist subject Anything Scandi, from Wegner to Wallander.
Secret skill I’m a demon on right-footed corner kicks.
Favourite quote ‘Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly.’ Mae West
If you were a in item of homeware you would be… A rocking chair. Sturdy design that can go a bit crazy at times.
Secret design crush The Stingray chair by Thomas Pedersen – slouch-friendly, cool and beautiful.

Bethan Ryder

Position on mag News and travel editor
Signature style Kitsch chic.
Specialist subject Eighties pop culture.
Secret skill Tiffany’s dance from I Think We’re Alone Now.
Favourite quote ‘If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun.’ Katharine Hepburn
If you were an item of homeware you would be… A velvet buttoned chaise longue because I like lying around in luxury.
Secret design crush The Oswald sofa in raspberry velvet from The Conran Shop.

Mary Weaver

Position on mag Houses editor
Signature style Marie Antoinette minimalism.
Specialist subject Homes, happenings, hipsters.
Secret skill Time travel (lateral).
Favourite quote ‘The urge for good design is the same as the urge to go on living.’ Harry Bertoia
If you were an item of homeware you would be… a vintage white leather Florence Knoll sofa. Cool, sophisticated exterior with undertones of the hurly burly
Secret design crush Dancing ballerinas in bottles – childhood mementos and each one a work of art in itself.