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The Bar at La Banane in St Barths

La Banane, St Barths

San Giorgio in Mykonos (above and below)

Rain? What rain?

Cocqui Cocqui in Mexico (above and below)

The White House in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia

As a respite from monsoon season we’ve been checking out some of the gorgeous places (see above) to stay as featured on the hotel website The Common Pursuit.

We like its simplicity. No words, just lots of pictures of hotels, guesthouses and self-catering boltholes from cabins in the wilderness to Alpine chalets all over the globe. It’s not a booking site, just a sumptuous bit of hotel porn. Go on, get ogling and dream of sunnier climes.

Bethan Ryder, News & Travel Editor


Brighton, been there. Margate, over it. You want the hippest place on the coast? Head for Hastings Old Town. There’s the Jerwood and various retro shops on the High Street, but the best find of all has to be Hendy’s Home Store.


With years as a food writer, photographer and stylist behind him, proprietor Alistair Hendy’s avid collectors eye has finally found a home in a restored Georgian house that’s like stepping back in time.


With the feel of a colonial general store, expect to find enamel washbowls, reclaimed copper baths, bolts of linen and the kind of household essentials you never knew you needed (spout brush, anyone?)

Everything is beautifully styled, from the dresser load of Beryl ware by the front door, to the mantel groupings of Sulphuric Acid bottles.


While the bare floorboards, stripped plaster walls, bakerlite light switches and ‘Homestore brown’ paint look 100% original, it’s hard to believe less than a year ago the space was home to a 1970s bistro.

Lord only knows how much Nitromors was needed to vintagise the whole place but it was well worth it.

There’s an ooh and an aah around every corner.

A.G. Hendy & Co. Home Store, 36 High Street, Hastings Old Town, TN34 3ER. (NB site still in development so bookmark for later!)

Thanks to The Designer Pad for sharing this tres fabulous home.

Design Shimmer is an ice-cool design blog by Bergen-based interiorsaholic Siw Haveland, and her home is gorgeous. Let’s hear more…

How does your day begin, Siw? My cat Oscar wakes me every morning, we spend wonderful minutes together before the day begins …

Tell us about living in Bergen, and how does it inspire you? Bergen is a beautiful little seaside town with many good qualities: high mountains with snow on the peaks, a great coast, four seasons in one day, a fantastic music scene, small intimate cafes with good home cooking, my family and my boyfriend.

What are you most likely to blog about? I blog about what inspires me – anything that shimmers. My posts aren’t planned as such, my brain works in a mysterious way, I work only on instinct, just like an animal!

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This retro-fabulous home just south of Amsterdam is owned by Kay Loves Vintage, and you can tell she does…

Kay, what do you love most about vintage? Its simplicity and modesty. Danish pieces from the Fifties in particular are so beautiful.

Where do tend to find your treasures? If you have lots of money you can buy everything you like from vintage dealers and auctions. But for myself and my fellow collecting husband, the hunt for new treasures is a very important part of the hobby. So we always look for bargains, and by that we mean way below the market price. The best places for this type of hunt are car-boot sales, flea markets and charity shops. A couple of years it was much easier to find good things but nowadays with vintage being trendy more and more people know what they are selling and what it is worth.

Share a secret shop address, pretty please? When we go to on holiday to England we always visit Etcetera in Margate to look for some british vintage design. In Denmark we know a beautiful little market at the Villingebaekvej in Hornbæk. It’s a little shed next to a private house but they sell the most beautiful Scandinavian ceramics.

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Lovely mix of dark shades and luxe texture. Thanks to Not My Beautiful Home.

Bonkers-in-a-good way rooms from Not My Beautiful Home.

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What unites these fabulous rooms we found on one of our favourite-ever blogs (Miss Moss, and, we warn you, once you click, you will be there for hours)? It’s that the art is key, your eye is pulled to it, whether it’s part of some clever mix-and-match gallery or hanging solo…

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As if we needed any more proof of the the fine taste of Japanese Trash, along come these lovely rooms. We are total suckers for a mural at Livingetc, so particularly love the full-wall Lichtenstein-esque comic book design. Speaking of murals, look out for our interview with the geniuses at Surface View, coming to this blog soon…

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Kristen Ellis is a twenty-two year old freelance interior designer living in Seattle, and she knows all about small-space living…

‘I live in a 125 sq ft apartment in a block built in 1907 to provide temporary accommodation to fisherman. The building has a rooftop balcony from where you can see the Puget Sound and Mount Rainer.’ Read the rest of this entry »

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