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These beautiful illustrated covers of British Vogue from between 1909 and 1940 are from The Art of Vogue Covers, showcasing work by Harriett Maserol, Helen Dryden and Eduardo Benito to name but a few. Absolutely stunning – even without an appearance from Kate Moss.

As found on the inspirational blog Miss Moss

If you like an inspirational quote, look no further than these fabulous prints designed by Matthew Kavan Brooks. Available from society6 as prints, t-shirts, cards and i-phone cases, you can wear and display them too.

Nic, Picture Editor


With our current fascination for the world’s athletes, we got to wondering what makes those well oiled machines work? It seems we’re not the only ones; photographer Michael Bodiham and stylist Sarah Parker have worked together to produce a pleasingly organised visual representation of what athletes, from gymnasts to weightlifters eat in a typical day. The sets were made larger than life from laser cut MDF and card to frame the life sized food; we love the attention to detail such as the giant salt & pepper sachets and milk carton.


Kate, Editorial Assistant


We love a bit of impractical nail art, especially when it involves flocking. With her nails newly flocked photographer Alice Bartlett visited a model shop where she found people tiny enough to populate her garden like fingertips; life looks so simple on such a small patch of grass… although it’ll be chaos when it’s time to do the washing up.

Amy, Style Intern

I love Dolce & Gabbana, so their first ever couture collection, which recently debuted in Sicily was something of a treat. Though there were many amazing and intricate gowns, oh how I lusted after this lovely frock with it’s delicate hand painted blooms. See this and some of the rest of the collection here.

Then, while browsing other generally wonderful stuff over at AnOther, I came across this beauteousness.  Flowers! In ice cubes! How pretty are they? This would be just the thing to sip while wearing the dream dress.

So maybe D&G couture is a bit out of my league budget wise, but if I make the ice cubes (essentially free) I could still sip the drink while admiring this beautiful, breezy curtain by our friends over at Bluebellgray.  A decidedly more affordable option.

Claudia, Features Editor


We’re loving Charlie Turner‘s timely clock designs – they’re refined, beautiful timepieces with a contemporary twist.


The sculptural Helix echoes the Cornish waves and coastline, where Charlie hand-crafts his clocks…

The Helix Clock by Charlie Turner Design

While the Red Classic is more of a vibrant statement…


Check out his other designs: they’re bang up to the minute. 

Jo, sub-editor

Over the next few weeks, all eyes will be on the architectural wonders of the East End’s Olympic Park. But that’s not where all the interest lies. Less than a mile from the action, local Hackney artist Alex Chinneck has found true beauty in the broken factory windows of an industrial wasteland and staged an artistic ‘intervention’ to transform a former cannabis factory into an amazing public art project. 

Chinneck spent a gruelling four months removing the detritus of its former life – bags of soil, wiring, grow bags, water tanks, plant pots and heat lamps.

After clearing the site, Chinneck duplicated one of the smashed panes 312 times, then used it to replace each original factory window.


“There is something mesmerising about the way light catches a broken window pane, not only is the glass shattered but so is the reflection,” says Chinneck.


Fast becoming a ‘Hackney landmark’, the former factory, which is on the corner of Mare Street and Tudor Road, will soon be demolished, the work disappearing with it. So if you can’t make it to the 100 metres…

Title: Telling the Truth Through False Teeth

Artist: Alex Chinneck in association with Sumarria Lunn Gallery

Location: corner of Mare Street and Tudor Road, Hackney, E9 7FE

Installation on view: now until November 2012















Whether it’s the primrose tufts and periwinkle trails of Spring that appeal, or it’s the Autumn season of mists and mellow fruitfulness that you long for – all Four Seasons are represented until the 16th September at the Dulwich Picture Gallery in South London.

These giant 15-foot high fibre-glass sculptures by American artist Philip Haas are based upon the artworks of 16th-century Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who painted portraits composed of various objects.

Go enjoy Summer. Well, at least in some form.

Bethan, News & Travel Editor

The Bar at La Banane in St Barths

La Banane, St Barths

San Giorgio in Mykonos (above and below)

Rain? What rain?

Cocqui Cocqui in Mexico (above and below)

The White House in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia

As a respite from monsoon season we’ve been checking out some of the gorgeous places (see above) to stay as featured on the hotel website The Common Pursuit.

We like its simplicity. No words, just lots of pictures of hotels, guesthouses and self-catering boltholes from cabins in the wilderness to Alpine chalets all over the globe. It’s not a booking site, just a sumptuous bit of hotel porn. Go on, get ogling and dream of sunnier climes.

Bethan Ryder, News & Travel Editor

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